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Monday, October 24, 2005

ASTROLOGY...The Misunderstood Science

I was going through the Chanels last night and heard the word Astrologer on one of the many religious networks. It may have been Benny Hinn but I'm not certain. What caught my attention was a clip about a woman who claimed she was an Astrologer but had now found the light. She blamed Astrology for out of the body/astral travel along with being haunted by a shadowy entity who sat on her bed every night...must've been boring for the entity :) and her inability to sleep. But, since that time she learned its the work of the devil. Good Heavens! Had the woman been an Astrologer instead of an Actor and had the producers done their homework, they would have known that to actually believe Astrology is the work of the devil is no different than believing, history, science, math, geography, etc, etc, etc. are also the work of the devil. Astrology is not self-taught....its an extensive course of study.
I would never believe than any real Astrologer would ever condemn it or blame it for being possessed. In my life, I have met more Astrologers who decided to take courses to disprove it and 9 times out of 10, they're the best Astrologers. I hate admitting it, but I also fall into that category. I thought it was a bunch of crap. Had my cousin Beverly not insisted I take her Beginners Astrology Course, I may have still thought it was a bunch of crap. I still remember my reaction which was...No way (it was the sixties), that's a bunch of crap Beverly, besides I know the description of the Signs of the Zodiac, its all crap! JOYCE!!! she said, it's not a bunch of crap and a lot more than knowing the Signs. Well, she challenged me. Having Moon in Sag, I had to take the challenge to prove to her it was all crap.
We took a fifteen minute break after the first two hours of the class. What do you think she said smiling. Holy cow....what's with the math and the degrees, minutes, seconds, houses....I had NO IDEA it was like this. It gets even more difficult Joyce, she said with a chuckle.
Astrology is becoming accepted but there is still a lot of misconception as to what it is and how it works.
Some people have a certain awareness of the terms, Ascendant, Rising Sign, Mid-Heaven and the Planets. Despite this, many, many people still believe that Astrology is based on their Sun Sign only and the predictions in the newspapers are what it is all about. Those predictions are based on the Motion Of The Moon.
The Moon goes into a different Sign every 2 to 3 days. Although the newspaper predications hit once in a great while, it is misleading. I've always explained to students that predicting on the Motion Of The Moon in relation to the Sun Sign is the same as telling people....today all Italians will have a lot of work to do, the Irish will be happy but only if they leave the house, all black people will be pensive, all white people will find something that was lost. In short....the predictions are vague and far too wide ranged, thus giving Astrology a bad name....even today with all the awareness of the Occult subjects in the past fifteen years...people still have no idea what a Natal Chart is and what it can do for them.
Astrology is an exact science based on mathematics. That's it! No hocus pocus, no visions, no talking to the dead. Of course interpreting the Natal Chart or doing predictive Astrology is still mathematical but once the math is finished to calculate any Chart, we still work with degrees and minutes but require a great deal of skill to interpret and to predict. It requires much study to become familiar with the Aspects (conjunct, square, sextile, trine, opposition) and the Orb allowed for each of those Aspects.
I still use the same words to students as I did during the first beginners Astrology Course I taught: be very, very, sure that you're math is correct before you begin interpretation and be very, very sure that you double check everything because this is a human life that you're messing with. Its true, very true and more so with Natals. They are met to give guidance and to advise. The correct time of birth is essential.
An easy way to understand what a Natal is, think in terms of someone taking a picture of the solar system at the exact moment of a birth and before one comes out of the womb, somebody hands them a script. In other words, the details are all there in the Natal as if someone had written a script of a person's life. It tells the career a person is best suited for and how they will perform. Each House represents a certain area of a life.
The first House is Self...you alone facing the outer world and how you appear to the world. The second House is values and finances. Third, is the mind, immediate neighborhood, cousins, brothers and sisters. Fourth is the base of operations, the home, the end of a matter. Fifth, romance, creativity, speculation, and children. Sixth, the health, the workplace. Seventh, marriage, partnerships, anything on a 50-50 basis. Eighth, death, sex, regeneration. Ninth higher education, philosophies, religious beliefs . Tenth, the community, those who have authority over you. Eleventh, hopes, dreams, wishes, friends. Twelfth, all that is hidden, things going on behind the scenes, hospitials, instituions, the sub-conscious.
This is only a very basic presentation as there are Planets and Signs to account for. Most people who read a description of their Sun Sign say, well it sounds a little like me in some parts but.....this is because, the Sun Sign is sort of the background of you...the Ascendant is the real you....everything is filtered through the Rising Sign.
Although I did Psychic & Card Readings before becoming an Astrologer some forty years ago and love doing all, Astrology has a special place in my heart, it is a continual learning process and one that I love. It is the mother of Astronomy.
Joyce Luciano http://www.psychicofficialwitch.com/

Monday, May 16, 2005


As promised in a previous post,
we will discuss the possibility of
communicating with the dead.

I had briefly discussed the army
of Channelers that came into
existence with the New Agers
insofar as explaining that the
alleged Channeler is nothing new.
It is merely an upgrade of the old
mediums and trumpet mediums
that prevailed in the 1920s until
they were exposed for fraud.

The idea of anyone cashing in on
someone's grief is beyond despicable.
It was a perfect avenue for the medium
a/k/a trumpet medium. They realized
that insurance policies made the poor
bereaved victim a wealth of cash flow
and took advantage. A simple background
check can reveal a lot about the deceased. It
had been tucked away in the anals of history
and all but forgotten until a revised medium
craze began taking hold and renamed, the

I have had a long career (43 years +) in the
paranormal. For me, it is a way of life. During
the course of these years I have met other
professionals and sadly, more frauds than pros.
There have been a plethora of persons who
claimed to be trance mediums, yet I have never
seen an authentic one nor have I seen any
authentic channeler.

Let's face it....who is going to say/prove that
the Channeler is not contacting the dead?
Don't wait for a dead person to send you a
letter stating, you are being duped. Its not
going to happen.

So just how does one converse with the dead?
Don't wait for the dead to speak through you,
it is not going to happen. The channelers have
or had voice coaches to dupe you...they are just
mediocre actors.

There are two outlets:
1. Ouija
2. Automatic Writing


Although they still are sold in toy
departments, they are not toys.
They were banned in the 1930s,
people using them were having
bad experiences. Listen to George
Noory when he explains his hatred
of the Ouija....he said in a broadcast
on Coasttocoastam.com/ that he had
serious effects. He despises them.

His experience was bad, you can hear it
in his voice and he frequently comments
on this.

Perhaps no one showed him that there are
definite do's and don'ts before consulting

Do ask for protection (mentally) ask a
deceased relative, one that you had a
good relationship with during their life.

Mentally visualize a white circle that
engulfs you, as protection. Have your
partner on the Ouija do the same.

Once this simple exercise is done, gently
place your fingertips on the Planchette.
Clear your mind. Ask, is there a spirit
here? Wait....give it time to move up to
the word, YES. Then proceed with your
communication (questions/discussion).


It is the same as the Ouija except you use
a pencil and paper and you do not need a

Protect yourself as above. Gently with
barely any pressure on the pencil, position
your hand in a writing position. Proceed
as above.


Yes it does.

Years ago (1947) when I was seven
years old, I stumbled on a Ouija
in my Aunt Teresa's attic. I was
up there playing while she and my
Mom visited in the kitchen. It was
a rainy day and being a hyeractive
child, the attic amused me in lieu
of going outdoors.

Aunt Teresa was mortified that I
found the Ouija and turned pale
white when I showed her that it had
worked for me...alone....very unusual.

The next time I saw a Ouija was 1962.
A friend and I were very lucky and
communicated for almost a year with
my Uncle Charlie.

In August 1962, the only communication
we received from the usual very chatty
Uncle Chas. was, Joyce go see a doctor or
I'll see you soon.

Now this from a ghost can mean only one
thing....I was about to check off the planet.

I was in the 7th month of pregnancy and
told Unc I felt fine....nonetheless his
message continued for 45 minutes.

The next evening, I went into epileptic
seizures then into acoma for 5 days.

On day 5, I died for five minutes.
On day 6, a specialist I had never seen
before proceeded to look in on me.
As an after thought he said, you must be
very close with your Uncle Charley. Why
do you say that, I asked.

Well....the good doctor explained, you had
conversations with him in the O.R. and just
when we thought we finally lost you for good
(dead)....you opened your eyes wide and said,
Let go of my hand Uncle Charlie, I'm not ready
to go with you yet. Obviously, I didn't die. They
had no idea how I didn't. I had full blown
Eclampsia. My kidneys failed, I was septic among
other things. But the fact remains, we choose our
own time to die. I did.

This is only one experience of me and Ouija and
Automatic writing. More will be covered in my
forthcoming book....."La Strega, A Memoir."
Best Always,
Joyce Luciano

Sunday, May 15, 2005


As a professional Psychic for over 43 years
I've Read for people from all walks of life
even those you think would never have a
Reading. They range from mayors to
governors, doctors, psychiatrists,
actors, etc. Today more than ever before
there are an abundance of Readers.
Mostly all refer to themselves as, Psychic.
This is quite misleading to the new client
who books a Reading only to realize that
the supposedPsychic uses a deck of
Tarot Cards. A Tarot Card Reader is not
a Psychic. Yes, of course, they can and
many times do have some Psychic ability
but a Tarot Reading is not a Psychic Reading.
Whether a person does Psychic, Astrology,
Clairvoyant, Cards, etc., they are all
called, Readers.
What caused this explosion of alleged Psychic's?
Prior to the 1980s a Psychic, Tarot
Reader, Astrologer, Card Reader were few and far
between. Factually there were many state laws,
some still existing today that carried heavy penalties
for anyone caught doing Readings. As a precautionary
measure to avoid being hauled off to the jailhouse
many reputable Psychic's became Reverends.
The state laws didn't seem to care if the
title of reverend foretold the future! It was alright,
as long as there was a religious connotation involved.
Along came the new age movement. With it, came
One out of twenty people proclaimed themselves to be
a Psychic or worse, a Channeler. The new age brought
about a psychic frenzy. It also brought forth the dial a
Psychic 900 Lines. It makes one wonder...do the people
who call these Psychic Hot Lines ever bother to read the
Help Wanted Ads in their local newspaper? Its doubtful
considering the huge profits made by these corporations.
Anyone who can speak can become a hot line Psychic.
This is capitalization in the worse form and as
P.T. Barnum said, "there's a sucker born every minute."

Long ago...in the days before the new age movement
I did Psychic Fair. I was one of the pioneers. The original
pioneer however was a bright lady name, Shirley Ann
Tabataneck. Now here was a crackerjack Astrologer
who had taken a course in Astrology in college solely
to debunk it....it happens all the time. It happened to me
and I had begun doing Psychic and Regular Card Readings
professionally in 1962. I studied Astrology thinking it was
pure bunk in 1970. I had no ideas how difficult and
mathematical it was but will save that discussion for a
nother time. Shirley's Fairs were very successful, mine too.
I did them until 1986. The most difficult part of doing
these Fairs and Shirley will back me up on this was finding
decent Readers. We had Tarot Readers coming out of
our ears. Finding Psychic's was another story.
Those who called themselves Psychic were not. The small
percentage we could find were fairly good and we needed a
fine tooth comb to locate them.
I don't like making fun of people but can't help chuckling
to myself when I see all the Psychic's or I should
say, those who bill themselves as Psychic's today.
Frankly, it's upsetting because it gives the profession a
bad rep and we don't need that again. (Another discussion for
a later date).
In my profession we learn to spot the phony with the
gift of gab in a second. During my Psychic Fairs all Readers
had to do several Readings for me and my assistant
and were not hired until we began seeing predictions unfold.
A good Tarot Reader can be very helpful to a client, I am not
suggesting they are not. BUT, you must bear
in mind that anyone can learn to Read the Tarot.
As anyone can become an Astrologer. There are no
requirements for being Psychic. It takes years of practice.

How can you decide if a Reader is going to be accurate?

Unless you are intuitive yourself, you can't.

What should you do?

Rely on your gut feelings.

I have a good sized clientele and new clients are always
coming into my life. Some are recommended
by friends, others just happen on my website.
Those are the ones who email me and
write, I just got a good feeling about you and decided
to try a Reading. That is a, "gut
feeling." Use them when looking for a Reader.
Good Wishes To All.......Joyce Luciano
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